Independent energy manager which offers unique solutions of cost reduction and sustainability. In addition of its differential expertise in the electric sector, it has a solid client`s portfolio that proves the quality of the service. Provides strategic, regulatory and operational support for choosing the best solution according to each consumption profile. Its remuneration model is based on results, as it focuses on customers` satisfaction.

Its main solutions are:

Power management

Independent energy management and technical representation in the Ambiente de Contratação Livre - ACL, how it is called the “free energy market” in Brazil. It acts in all stages of the migration and management processes, from the energy contracting strategy with a careful selection of sellers and opportunities, through the migration with the local concessionaire, to the monthly management of contracts and obligations with the agents involved.

Distributed generation

Structuring of distributed generation projects for large consumers in low voltage, providing all regulatory and operational support. It works with expert intelligence since project`s initial design, determining the main numbers in terms of dimensioning, risks, costs and associated savings. Then, it carries out the process of contracting investment and implementing the project, which involves quoting suppliers and environmental legalization. Constantly, it performs the monthly management of invoices and credit balances.


MONEX GERAÇÃO is a Holding for Investments in the electricity sector and its operation encompasses generation of electric energy from renewable (hydric and solar) sources.


It has a portfolio of hydric projects for Small Hydroelectric Power Plants (PCH) and Hydroelectric Generator Plants (CGH) in different phases of development, with the goal of commercializing energy in auctions organized by the Federal Government or in the free energy market.



The portfolio of projects being developed by MONEX GERAÇÃO totals 46MW of installed capacity, all located in the Southeast region of Brazil, in the states of Rio de Janeiro, Espírito Santo and Minas Gerais.

CASE: PCH Secretário

DEINK BRASIL is a company partipating in the plastics residuals recycling sector. With an innovative technology to remove ink from plastic residuals, DEINK has invested in it´s first industrial plant in Itupeva City, São Paulo State, with a capacity to process and recover 4.000 tons per year of plastic residuals.

Deink Brasil's deinking process is applicable to flexible, rigid plastics that have gone through the printing process, whether of post-industrial or post-consumer origin.

Deink Brasil has participated in the Ambev Acceleration program during 2019, which accelerates high-impact startups, and has been one of the two companies awarded with a prize. More than 400 companies have been evaluated during Ambev Acceleration program by different technicians and experts coordinated by CONQUER.

A platform for investments in the segment of re-refining used and/or contaminated lubricant oil, MONEX RERREFINO has interests in a joint venture with one of the market leaders in the lubricant industry in Brazil.


The Business Plan from MONEX RERREFINO involves the creation of a company for re-refining and collecting used oil targeted at Latin America, acknowledged for the quality of the basic oil produced and for the technological innovation.


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